A couple weeks have gone by since our last issue but after much deliberation, we're just so happy we can finally bring this revised edition of the newsletter to you (thus "Issue #1")! There's been a lot going on behind the scenes and as a result, the Newsletter updates got pushed back into the background, but we definitely didn't forget about those who were asking for it. Now that we've re-evaluated the present situation with our newly-instituted site newsletter, we look forward to bringing you more regular updates in the coming weeks ahead!

Big Bass Arcade
DSiWare Review

Key Quote: "As it turns out, Big Bass Arcade is a fun game that casual fishing fans would be satisfied with."

Bust-a-Move Universe
3DS Review
Below Average

Key Quote: "There just aren't enough reasons for consumers to feel confident about spending $30 on this."

Madden NFL Football
3DS Review
Below Average

Key Quote: "It's not bad for what it is and it does have its moments of fun, but overall it's not deep at all."

Gem Quest: 4 Elements
DS Review

Key Quote: "You may not think so after giving it a quick glance, [but] Gem Quest: 4 Elements is actually a good game."

DodoGo! Robo
DS Review

Key Quote: "A great compliment to the other quality titles Alien After All has developed for this platform."

Top 5 Professor Layton Moments

Reflecting on Toki Tori

Nintendo 3DS Hardware Review
Two months following the launch of the Nintendo 3DS in North America, how does it hold up? And is it worth the hefty price tag of $249.99? 

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