Newsletter: August 2011 - Zelda, Developers and GBA games

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August 2011
 - It's the time of year when we traditionally end up having somewhat of a small drought in new releases, but that doesn't mean we've got a shortage of great content in the latest edition of the newsletter! Check out some of our recent highlights below...

Valkyrie Profile: CoTP
DS Review
27/30 - Excellent

"This game still does a great job of reminding gamers what mature gaming is all about"

Nintendogs + Cats
3DS Review
27/30 - Excellent

"Robust, fully featured, visually appealing... this is a pet simulator, and a damn good one at that."

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
3DS Review
30/30 - Outstanding

"The developer could have easily made the game appear in 3D; instead they completely remade the game"

Article of the month
Keith Webb discusses Go! Go! Kokopolo, developing for DSiWare, and the future of gaming, as well as much more!


Developers vs Used Games
Patrick observes the gaming industry's fight with pre-owned sales and piracy

"Without us, they don’t earn money, and without money, they can’t work on new products"

Preparing for Star Fox 64 3D
KS8 hypes himself up in time for the game's release next month

"Before long, Star Fox 64 3D will arrive in stores just in time to relieve us of the summer drought."

GBA picks for 3DS release
Jack chooses five unannounced games he'd like to see available on 3DS

"These games make up my choices for GBA titles I'd like to see under the Nintendo Ambassador scheme"

This week we want to know... 
Do you see the "nintendogs" series as games, or playful apps?
Tweet us your thoughts, or reply to this email to share your thoughts

Previously, we asked you whether you thought Nintendo was back in touch with the 3DS market. 3DSConnect on Twitter had this to say:

Latest 3DS news
3DSConnect - It's way too early to say so. Especially when we've only got 3 games to look forward to this year from Nintendo.

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