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Ratings Guide - Part Two

This part of our detailed insight into how we rate games explains how we rate applications, mini-reviews, and accessories. Click here to read the first part of this guide, detailing how we rate content and games.

Miniature Reviews
When looking at miniature reviews, you should notice that the ratings are laid out differently. In accordance with the criteria of such reviews (i.e, keeping them as short and concise as possible), the descriptors alongside each score are non-existent, and instead only the numerical ratings are displayed. The percentage score is still included though, as is a link back to this page in case you need a reminder of the guidelines.

When rating / reviewing apps or channels (i.e, software for the Nintendo Wii / DS that isn't best defined as a "game"), we use a different but similar ratings system based once again on four different aspects. These are as follows:

Rated out of ten - Whether or not the application does what it's supposed to, and whether or not the concept lives up to it's possibilities

Rated out of ten - Very similar to the "presentation" rating for games, looking at both audio and visual aspects of the application, albeit with much less emphasis on graphics and technical achievement, and more emphasis on the visual layout of the app

Lasting Appeal
Rated out of five - Similar to "Extra Content" for games, however with more of an emphasis on how often the app is likely to come in handy and the extent that it does so (ie, whether or not it will still be as useful a year after you bought / downloaded it whilst keeping both the app's appeal and general usefulness)

Rated out of five - When buying an application, you don't really want to pay the full price of a game and get something as simple as a calculator in return, so we look at whether or not the amount of content is worth paying the asking price

On the off chance that we review a gaming accessory or peripheral, we once again use a similar rating system with different criteria, as can be seen below...

Control / Functionality
Rated out of ten - Here we look at whether or not the accessory / device works as it should and does what it's supposed to do

Build / Look
Rated out of ten - This factor regards over how the accessory is designed, whether it has been made to last and how attractive it might look

Lifespan / Usage
Rated out of five - Here we look at how much the accessory will be used in games. For example, if you buy a skateboard peripheral which will only be used in the occasional Tony Hawk game, it's not likely to score too highly, but if the accessory will be used commonly throughout a variety of different games, allowing it to be made use of for months and years after originally purchasing it, it will score highly here.

Rated out of five - How expensive the accessory is, and whether or not it is worth the money considering what a potential buyer will get in return.

And that's the end of our guide! If you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us here.