Welcome to the first in a new series of features, where two members of the Wiiloveit team try and use their opposing points of view on a particular talking point in battle against. This time, we have editor Billy and newcomer Patrick arguing for and against the case of Super Mario Galaxy 2 being as awesome as it's hyped to be. Read on to find out who won the debate, as judged by KS8...

Billy: So, Patrick. Here we are, sitting on this lovely tree stump in this lovely summery field, staring at the slow flowing stream... yet somehow, I can't help but think about how great Super Mario Galaxy 2 is!
Patrick: Personally, I don't think that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is as good as most people say.
Billy: I must disagree with you there. I think it's just as good as most people say, albeit with it's flaws.
Patrick: Really? Why do you think that? Why do you think it's worthy of a "10/10" rating?
Billy: Because it is a very, very good game! It has top-notch gameplay, outstanding graphics and music, and Yoshi! The worlds certainly seem much more "snazztacular" than the first game, however much I thought that to be impossible.
Patrick: I think the first one was much better than the sequel. It's frustrating to see how everyone is madly in love with this game.It's a sequel by numbers, in every sense of the phrase!

And so it begins... Might want to get out our lawn chairs, folks.

Argument 1:
Observatory vs. Starship Mario

Patrick: Well, first thing's first, the Observatory. When I first played Super Mario Galaxy, the observatory really drove home that this was a huge adventure. I could keep on exploring this amazingly-detailed hub, and even towards the end, there were still surprises. It was part of the undeniable charm of the original. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, they almost completely removed the observatory, and replaced it with the inferior Starship Mario.

Billy: I must admit that the observatory was one of my favourite bits of the first game, too. I just loved to explore it. The new one certainly has it's limits, especially since you access all the worlds and levels from the same spot on the Starship. And I have to agree with you when you say that it's a bit of a downgrade in that aspect.

Patrick: Exactly.

Winner = Patrick
Billy - 0     Patrick - 1

Argument 2:
Too Casual Friendly?

Billy: I do think that the gameplay itself is a step-up above the original. You know, the part you're supposed to enjoy. Not the fancy map type thingymabob.

Patrick: Well I believe that the gameplay is more casual-based than the original.

Billy: Whatwhat? How is this? It's, like, twice as hard.

Patrick: No, it really isn't. True or False: characters occasionally move in with you on Starship Mario as you progress. Such as the Star Bunny that joins after completing the Flipswap Galaxy.

Billy: Oh, yes. What about it?

Patrick: Doesn't it teach you the "advanced" move of spinning in midair? And later in the game, a character comes in and teaches you the "advanced" move of ground pounding.

Billy: So what? It's not making the game casual. It's just making it more accessible to casual audiences. I know people who had some surprising difficulties at times when it came to basic controls. It's just being helpful, that's all.

Patrick: Hmm, alright. Point taken.

Winner = Billy
Billy - 1     Patrick - 1

Argument 3:
Lack of Challenge?

Patrick: How about that DVD Guide, hm? Speaks for itself, doesn't it? And even without it, the game itself has monitors that teach you the controls.

Billy: I kinda know what you mean. But I'm still unsure about why this makes it worse than the original game? The point is that the game is clearly hard, and therefore, they needed to dumb everything down for newcomers that were playing, so they didn't find it impossibly difficult.

Patrick: Actually, there were only 7 stars I found hard in the game. Only at the very very end does it get slightly difficult. And I counted how many times I died too. Only 18 times throughout the whole game.

Billy: I must admit that I did meet spooky Rosalina in one of the galaxies. I didn't use her, though. Maybe you're just amazing?

Patrick: I don't think so.

Billy: Care to tell me how many times you died throughout the original game?

Patrick: Overall? I didn't count, but it was definitely over 50. The Dreadnaught Comet Star and the Daredevil Bouldergeist were evil, for example.

Billy: The Bouldergeist one wasn't that hard, or maybe I'm just awesome. So you only found a few stars to be hard, Patrick. That doesn't necessarily mean that the first one was harder. After all, you've had more practice by now, too. And it varies by person anyway.

Patrick: True. But I never did get Luigi's final star. And I still can't. I got 100% in Galaxy 2 twice.

Winner = TIE
Billy - 2     Patrick - 2

Argument 4:
Too Much Hand-Holding?

Patrick: Only a few words will sum up my next point: 1-Up Mushrooms are EVERYWHERE! On Starship Mario, I can life farm so I have 50 lives without trying. And they're not in difficult places.

Billy: In all fairness, lives weren't exactly hard to come by in the first game, either.

Patrick: Maybe not, but they were more difficult to obtain than in Galaxy 2. Could you use the cubes to get 5 lives for 30 star bits?No, you could not. The ones on Starship Mario give you tons of lives, too. Lives are really easy to come by, and the levels aren't even that much harder than the original.

Billy: But, the lives don't directly affect what happens in the levels themselves. They just mean you don't get Game Over screens as often. Thus making it less frustrating.

Patrick: Well what about the halfway flags?

Billy: I think that whilst you seem to think they make the game easier, the flags just seem to prevent pointless backtracking.

Patrick: They do that, and make it easier. They could've done what Bit.Trip RUNNER did.

Billy: Ah, but you also recall (no offense to Alex and the Bit.Trip team) that the reviewers weren't so happy with RUNNER's method of having to start a big lengthy level from the beginning, yes? Super Mario Galaxy 2's way of things avoids similar annoyances. The purpose of Super Mario Galaxy 2 isn't to be hard in a retro style way (á la, Runner), so you can't really compare the two in that way, anyway.

Winner = Billy
Billy - 3     Patrick - 2

Argument 5:
No Noteworthy Additions?

Patrick: What do you think is the biggest addition to the game?

Billy: I'm not sure. If anything, I think it's just an overall improvement in many different ways.

Patrick: What did they improve? The engine is the exact same! There's a bit more variety, yes.

But that's a problem in my opinion. For example, I loved skating on frozen water. Did it happen often? No.

Billy: The skating was fun. But the idea was they had more variety, and they also had a wider range of different things. Ideas from the original game were expanded upon, and practically every level had a new element of some sorts too.

Patrick: Only slightly. I'm not convinced that makes the game better. The first game was amazing, and there really wasn't enough "New Constants" to make me think this was better.

Billy: How about Yoshi?

Patrick: He doesn't detract from the experience, but he doesn't add anything either.

Billy: Yes he does. What about the tongue movements? And the fact you can eat enemies, etc? Plus, he's optional, so you don't need him all the time. And yet he still brings a new gameplay dynamic that's great to play.

Patrick: But he doesn't really. He's just a gimmick to get more sales.

Billy: Nevertheless, it still offers something new. However large or small that difference may be to you, I still don't see how you can look at it as being a means of claiming the second Mario Galaxy game to be worse than the original.

Winner = Patrick
Billy - 3     Patrick - 3

Result: Tie
Billy - 3 | Patrick - 3

Billy: Well... That was fun.

Patrick: Hey, don't get me wrong. It's just the small things I have a problem with. Galaxy 2 is a great game! But it's nowhere near as amazing as the first one.

Billy: Of course it's a great game! I see your points you made, and I respect them as your opinions, but I still don't see what makes it nowhere near as amazing as the first one.

Patrick: Even if we weren't officially tied, I'd argue that we'd be in the middle anyway since neither of us is gonna convince the other.

What do you think? Who do you agree with more, Billy or Patrick? Let us know in the new comments section below!


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