Today commemorates the two year anniversary of, and to celebrate, we're here to take a look back at some of the best bits of our 24-month reign, and some forgotten elements that got us to where we are now!

Team Wiiloveit 
Over the years, a site that was once run by one individual has expanded to include a number of contributors. It originally consisted of Billy himself, and then expanded to include Joe, James, and most notably, KnucklesSonic8 who took on the responsibility of posting news regularly in our old Newsbites section. Constantly posting noteworthy stories to catch the attention of our readers, KS8 was dedicated in his role up until the time when we phased this section out by June 2009. Soon thereafter, he transitioned from News Reporter to becoming the site's Head Reviewer and Editor.

Another of our team members to join during last year is Murat, who began with work on our news section, only for his focus to switch to features, and occasionally reviews, soon after. Whilst he hasn't been here for a little while now, we're anxiously awaiting his return so that he can bring us more of the popular features that we love. Some of his strongest entries include the look at 16 features the next Need for Speed should incorporate, alongside the compilation of cancelled Wii games, which happens to be one of the most viewed articles across the site. 

Today we'd also like to announce three new members to the team! Be on the lookout for Daan, Jack and Patrick, three new additions to the team! Check out the team page for more details on all the guys currently working for Wiiloveit.

In August 2008, Wiiloveit's very first review, was published on the site, introducing our unique rating system that has proved wholly reliable. Many more reviews have since been published, and as a team we've gone on to write hundreds of quality reviews. With the addition of extra team members, in particular KnucklesSonic8, the site has seen an increase in writing quality. This is shown by the reviews for such games as Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, and X-Scape. In January 2010, we also opened up a new section dedicated to First Impression articles, and this has seen its share of success as well.

Having the opportunity to speak with indie (and in some cases, established) developers is quite a privilege. And we've posed questions to many teams who have been kind enough to spare a few minutes to provide answers that our readers love to see. November 2008 marked our very first interview here on the site with Nic Watt of Nnooo. Following this, we've uploaded many more noteworthy Q&A's with such developers as Hudson Soft, Medaverse, and Fugazo just to name a few. Our readers can definitely look forward to reading even more interviews in the near future!

Expanding the Wiiloveit audience
We've looked to other venues to draw in a stronger readership over the last while. Most notable of these endeavours would be the installment of WiiloveitTV. Having our very own YouTube channel has proved very successful, where we upload gameplay trailers, footage, and more! Since its inception, our channel has become quite popular on many occasions, and we've had several awards granted for viewership. In addition, we also have a continuously popular Twitter account where we constantly keep our followers informed on select news items of interest, as well as going-on's of our site. More recently, Wiiloveit also has a Formspring account whereby our readers can ask us just about anything they please. If you've been locked onto Wiiloveit for some time now, we'd like to thank you for your support! Our goal is to continue moving forward to gain more popularity within the gaming community.

E3 Coverage
Back in 2009, we began covering E3 in great detail so our readers wouldn't miss out on this event. In June 2010, we covered E3 once again, with an extensive list of predictions as well as some great summaries of the conferences we took the time to watch, which was actually a better move than posting lots of small articles as we had done before.

Although it only lasted a few episodes, we also started a project to institute a regular podcast as of Summer 2009. Unfortunately we didn't continue with it after Episode 3, but it was a good experiment all the same, and something we continued a little further during the holiday countdown, with just a few short episodes.

World Exclusives
This is yet another aspect of what has made Wiiloveit such a great site to come back to. Just a few examples of the exclusives we've had include providing first details on Bit Boy!! from Bplus, revealing the recently-released Dive: The Medes Islands Secret from Cosmonaut Games, and providing exclusive screenshots of Hudson's Adventure Island: The Beginning for WiiWare. The latter is especially noteworthy due to the fact that it currently stands as the most viewed article on Wiiloveit thus far! We'd like to thank the developers who have allowed Wiiloveit such an honor, and look forward to presenting more of these special announcements to our readers in the future!

In addition to all the usual Wiiloveit content, we've also gone the extra mile and overhauled the whole site to promote a game. Some examples are the WiiWare promotions we had for Toki Tori and Magnetis. Another noteworthy addition to the site comes in our semi-regular competitions, which began last year as part of our partnership with Games Basement, when we gave away Pokémon Platinum on DS. Other promotions include our competitions for Bit Boy!! and Manic Monkey Mayhem.

Holiday Countdown 2009
During the month of December, we attempted (rather ambitiously) to get some snazzy new content up every day, for twenty five days, as part of the run up to Christmas. This included a special audio interview with one of Team 17, the guys behind the Worms series, a brilliant interview revealing some of the troubles of WiiWare developing with Medaverse, a selection of bonus podcast discussions, the introduction of miniature reviews, and much more.

One of the more noteworthy series' of features was when each member of the main team revealed what their ten favourite Wii games were. These selections were completely personal, and therefore brought up much discussion on the likes of Twitter and GoNintendo, but were a great way to showcase the tastes of BillyKnucklesSonic8 and Murat. Although we didn't managed to fulfill our promise of a new post each day, we did get twenty of the things done by the end of the countdown. It proved to be a successful experiment that we may continue through this year's holiday season.

    A similar line of features was also done during the run up to the DSi, where we took a look at some of the most exciting features and prospects that the new handheld console brought with it.

    The above mentions are only a small selection of the vastness of Wiiloveit, which, at the time of posting here, has over 9100 recorded edits in total. We encourage you to browse through the site's history to uncover various forgotten articles, pages and details, and hope that you continue to follow the site over the next year and beyond. As a team, we're looking to expand further and will continue to post more and more quality articles that we hope you've come to enjoy over time.

        As briefly mentioned above, we would also like to take a moment to use today as a way of celebrating the future, as well as the past, starting by introducing you to our three new team members that you can find on the "Meet the Team" page. In addition to this, we're also updating the overall site aesthetic with a slightly different colour scheme and updated sidebar, and over the coming days and weeks, we hope to provide new areas to explore on the site to make things better than ever before!

Thanks for attending our 2nd Anniversary! Here's to a successful future!

Special Thanks
We must acknowledge that had it not been for the support of many, we certainly would not have gotten this far. We'd like to take a moment to offer our sincerest of thanks to a number of people who believed in us along the way, something we will always be grateful for:
  • Jag Jaeger of JV Games
  • Paul Gold of Digital Leisure
  • Richard Hill-Whittall of Icon Games
  • Romain Gauthier and Etienne Périn of Yullaby
  • Bernd Geiblinger of Bplus
  • Janet Smith of The Code Monkeys
  • Manfred Linzner of Shin'en
  • Hiromi Tomisawa & Ai Hojo of Hudson Soft
  • Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games
  • Jesse Lowther of Medaverse
  • Collin van Ginkel of Two Tribes
  • Michael Shamgar of Nocturnal
  • Nic Watt of Nnooo
  • Nicholas Trahan of Studio Walljump
  • José Giacomelli of Cosmonaut Games
  • Stéphane Capo of Assoria
  • Felix Bohatsch of Broken Rules
  • Saeko Inoue of GAME ARTS
  • Logan Gunasingham of Gamebridge
  • Gilberto Sanchez & Isidro Gilabert of Virtual Toys
  • Eva Gaspar of Abylight
  • The many PR Agencies we've worked with!
  • And an extra special thanks goes to "Rawmeat Cowboy" of GoNintendo and all of our loyal readers!

All of your kind words and support have really touched us, and it's these kinds of expressions that keep us moving forward, even despite the fact that we don't have much notoriety. We look forward to your continued support and are genuinely appreciative of all the support you've shown to us!

Special Feature by KnucklesSonic8 and Billy White