The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Review

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Review

Nintendo released Breath Of The Wild on both Switch and Wii U in 2017 and it is a game that continues the Legend of Zelda saga. The game is set in an open world venue and that sets the scene for some great gameplay and fun adventures.

It is a great big open world and you have the ability to explore each and every part of it, so take all of those opportunities and go on to explore all of the different places. You can glide to locations or you can climb up any surfaces, so take full advantage of those abilities. It is awesome to go some place new just about every time you play this game, and you can alter your journeys all of the time.

It is really good to glide around this world going from island to island. The scenes look cool and the world is breathtaking. Some places you can just go to without any kind of planning on a whim. Gliding is a really useful way to see the open world and you can just land in random places and have a look around. The game is more fun that way.

Sometimes it is better to think a little more about the places you intend to visit, as just turning up to some areas just because you like the look of them could place you in danger. For example just going to the mountains without preparing for it is actually a risk. While you have the ability to climb up anything it is still worth taking climbing gear with you. Besides though the skies may be clear and blue it would still be cold up in the mountains the cold could kill you without warmer clothing. So when going to climb mountains take climbing gear, warm clothes and food rations with you. Being prepared pays if you want to go to such places.

The beauty of this game is that you can change where exactly you go to, and how you get there every single time. One day you might go everywhere the long way round as you have more time to explore. Other times you may want to find all the short cuts and get around sooner. You can mix it up and always go to wherever you want to go to.

The graphics are really good and help you feel part of this open world. So rush headlong into the world and embrace yet another part of the Zelda legend.

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