TIPS: How To Charge Your Nintendo Switch

TIPS: How To Charge Your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch offers unimaginable versatility. You can comfortably play games on the go or on the TV – apart or with its Joy-Con controllers attached. The fact that the controllers can only be wirelessly connected to the switch is both advantageous and disadvantageous. It’s beneficial because it enables a higher degree of versatility. It is, however, a setback because the controllers must come with their own batteries. A Joy Con controller can last up to 20 hours on average but can last less when left idle for a long time. For these reasons, you should know several ways of keeping the system charged at all times to avoid running out of excitement in the middle of the heated play. Here is how to charge your Nintendo:

1. Attach the controllers to the switch

The Joy-Con controllers will keep charging as long as they are attached to the Nintendo Switch. Hence, the easiest way to charge the Joy-Con controllers is to attach them on each side of the switch and let them fill their batteries as you play.

2. Charge them using a USB cable

You can purchase the Switch Pro Controller to charge the pro controller through the cable that comes with it. The fact that the switch comes with two USB ports on its front dock makes it easy to play as you charge.

3. Purchase a charging grip

The charging grip of the Joy-Con is purchased separately for around US$30.00. The main advantage of the charging grip is that it allows you to charge the Joy-Con controllers without establishing a USB connection between the switch dock and the Pro-Con controllers. The usual Joy-Con g
rip that’s often shipped with your console is incapable of charging your controllers.

4. Purchase the Joy-Con and Pro Controller recharging dock

Owning multiple sets of Joy-Con controllers requires even more advanced charging solutions. PowerA Joy-Con Recharging Dock is perhaps the only charging dock licensed to top up multiple Joy Con controller sets at the same. Better yet, you can buy the PowerA’s advanced Joy-Con & Pro Controller dock designed to charge one set of Joy-Con controllers and a Pro Controller.

5.  Leave the controllers on the charge after playing

To reduce the rate at which you may lose power in your next session, leave the Joy Con controllers and the Pro Controller on the charger overnight. It can also be a great strategy to always let you start on a full battery in the event of power failure.

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