How To Improve Nintendo Switch Battery Life

How To Improve Nintendo Switch Battery Life


Portability is among other incredible things the Nintendo Switch offers thereby making it a grab and go console. Nevertheless, like all other portable gadgets, battery life comes as a huge concern for every avid gamer, and this problem manifests itself clearly when you are on the road. Therefore, if you do not want power issues to interfere you from having a fantastic gaming experience using your Switch, discussed below are a couple of tips you could use to extend your device’s battery life.

Switch the Console Completely Off Whenever You Are Not Playing

Switching off the Nintendo Switch is incredibly a power efficient strategy of saving battery power, with its consumption when off being 2% after eight hours. Therefore, when you are traveling, on vacation or cannot stop playing your console every single night, turning off the Switch gets to save you some power.
To switch off the console, hold the power button for approximately three seconds and select the Power Options, then turn off from the menu. Turning your console on requires you to press this power button.

Lower The Level of Brightness

Typically, the display on any gadget is the one that drains the battery the most since it utilizes plenty of electrons to keep all the pixels lit up. Subsequently, lowering your Switch’s display brightness will help significantly in reducing the rate of battery consumption, thus allowing you to squeeze in extra gaming time out of your console.

To reduce the level of brightness, hold down the Home Button, and the quick settings menu overlay will appear and follow this up by sliding to the left the brightness slider.

Set Your Nintendo Switch to Airplane Mode

Switching to Airplane Mode has become a useful technique for saving battery because it shuts down all the wireless communications, that is Bluetooth and WiFi. Consequently, your Switch gets to conserve more power. However, switching to Airplane mode prevents you from using wireless communications; therefore, you cannot use the Joy-Con controller when they have not been linked to the Nintendo Switch. Nevertheless, if you physically are connected to the tablet, you can carry on playing like normal, but if you want to play online games or detach other controllers, you must now turn off from Airplane Mode.

Disable Vibration

Usually, battery power is consumed by the high the definition jiggling. Despite this not being lots of juice, if you are a battery minded individual who can handle a static and boring gaming experience, you should give it a try. To disable vibration, go the System Settings found on the home page and to left choose Controllers and Sensors then turn off the Controller Vibration.

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