How To Improve Nintendo Switch Wifi

How To Improve Nintendo Switch Wifi

There have been instances of the Nintendo Wi-Fi switch failing to live up the expectations. The default MTU (maximum transfer rate) of the switch comes set at the default 1400 out of the possible 1500 but the speed has been reported to unreasonably slowing down regardless to the Mbps configuration of the wireless network. There have been incidences of the speed dropping to as low as 30 Mbps when the wireless network is 300 Mbps or higher even when the user is seated close to the switch. Here is how to improve the speed of your underperforming Nintendo Wi-Fi switch.

1. Removing the default MTU settings

If you haven’t thought of altering the default MTU setting of the switch then this is probably the best time to do so because the MTU has been a bottleneck to speed performance lately. Go to the Settings section and click on the Internet option to open the network’s settings section. Click on your Network and proceed to its settings section to change the MTU. Remove the default 1400MTU and opt for the higher 1500MTU instead. Altering the MTU can boost the speed of your switch 50 Mbps.

2. Changing to a network of higher frequency

You’re probably connected to a network of low frequency. For better speed performance, try connecting to a network of 5GHz or higher stead of the common 2.4GHz.

3. Changing your switch’s primary and secondary DNS servers

This simple tweak on your DNS helps you take advantage of Google’s faster DNS services. Go to the settings section of your switch and replace your DNS with Google’s DNS servers namely and (Primary and Secondary DNS server respectively).

4. Change the Switch’s channels

Users have reported making varying changes on the Switch’s channel settings to improve its speed performance. Channels 1 and 11 have been found to be the best when it comes to speed improvement but you can try out several channel options in the System Settings/Internet section.

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